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Upon successful completion of either the BRC1 & BRC2 courses, you’ll receive a waiver to satisfy the road skills portion of the DOT motorcycle license requirements.

Riding a scooter?  No worries… PROMCT has classes that allow scooters, and PROD has a scooter available to use; you can also use your own scooter in the class.

 What sets PRO Motorcycle Training apart from all the other training sites? … Sailing the 4 C’s…

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PRO Motorcycle Training (PROMCT) provides the most comprehensive and professional instruction in both classroom and riding exercises.

What does PRO mean? … Positive Risk Offset.  P.R.O. is riding with the physical, emotional, mental & social skills necessary to confidently make your ride safe and fun!
SimplyHigh Riding Skills v. Low Risk Decisions = Positive Risk Offset



PRO Motorcycle Training uses the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) curriculum for the BRC1 & BRC2 courses.  Each includes an online e-Course and riding exercises on a controlled and safe range.

With the BRC1 & BRC2 courses, upon successful completion of the course, you’ll receive a waiver to satisfy the road skills portion of your DOT motorcycle license requirements.


The PRO Motorcycle Training coaching staff are a team of quality Rider Coaches whose goals are to teach riders the necessary mental and physical skills training needed to reduce your risk and ride safely.  They are experienced in riding motorcycles, experts in coaching the necessary skills and techniques, and committed to providing a safe – yet fun – experience for all students.


The PRO Motorcycle Training offers a flexible schedule to satisfy any personal schedule.

Check out the video below for more on MSF’s Basic Rider Courses…