What do I need to do to prepare for and have a successful outcome and a fun and safe experience?

The following checklist will help you prepare for the classroom and range for your class.



  • Know range location & be on time
  • Riding Gear  (Helmet, Eye Protection, Gloves, Jacket / Shirt, Pants, Footwear)  *
  • Appropriate clothing for weather
  • Beverages & snacks (to stay hydrated & satiate hunger)
  • Ride your bicycle for 5-10 miles (more the better) prior to range to get used to balancing, turning, and eye movement
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Positive attitude
  • Mask & social distancing per CDC requirements


* All safety gear is required in order to participate in a rider course.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these requirements. 
If a student does not have a helmet, gloves or eye protection, the training-site has these items available for loan


  • HELMET (DOT-APPROVED):  Participants must use either a full-face or three-quarter DOT-approved helmet; HALF-HELMETS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Participants should bring their own helmet for best fit & comfort.  PROMCT does have helmets for loan ($10/course), if needed.
  • FACE-SHIELD / EYE PROTECTION:  Eye protection is required either via a helmet face-shield and/or a student’s eye glasses/goggles.  All eye protection should be free of scratches and clear, as it is important for the instructor(s) to see your eyes for proper instruction and evaluation.
  • GLOVES:   Gloves must be full-fingered with no holes. No part of a participant’s hands can be exposed.  Students should bring their own gloves for better fit & comfort. Motorcycle specific gloves are recommended, but not required. PROMCT does have gloves for sale ($10), if needed.
  • JACKET & PANTS:  Long-sleeves & pants are required. There must be no holes, rips or tears. Students should bring different layers of clothing as weather changes throughout the day.
  • BOOTS:  Over-the-ankle footwear is required. Leather boots are highly recommended!  However, students may wear non-canvas hi-top tennis shoes as long as they cover the ankle bones.  Again, no canvas hi-tops allowed! There are No Exceptions to this rule.  PROMCT does have boots for loan ($10/course), if needed.
    Note: it is highly recommended to have boots with minimal to no heel, especially for students with smaller feet.  A high heel tends to catch on the foot peg, making shifting and braking more difficult.