PRO Motorcycle Training (PROMCT) is an independent training company recognized and certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and the State of WI to train students using the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s (MSF) rider course programs.

PROMCT will guide the student through the chosen course curriculum (BRC1, BRC2, or other). Each curriculum has its own objectives, with the BRC1 designed for riders of all skill levels and the BRC2 for experienced riders; certified rider coaches will provide the student with important riding skill instruction.

THE COURSE IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF SAFETY. Riding a motorcycle has inherent risks.  if the student applies the mental, emotional, social and physical skills and approaches taught in this course, the rider’s risk is reduced.

THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THE STUDENT WILL PASS. The student earns a completion certificate upon successful course completion and shall be aware that not everyone successfully completes the course. If a student is unable to meet the objectives of an exercise(s) or poses a safety risk to themself or others, a RiderCoach shall “counsel out” the student from the course, as defined in the “Counsel Out” policy described elsewhere in the Policies area. If the student fails the skills test, retake options are available.


Passing The BRC…

  • Online e-Course
    It is mandatory in the State of Wisconsin for anyone enrolled in a BRC1 or waiverable BRC2 class to successfully pass MSF’s Online e-Course. Any student who does not pass the e-Course the first time has additional opportunities to retest (up to six times).
  • Riding on the Range
    The student must meet the objectives of all range exercises (BRC1: 14; BRC2: 8), plus a Skills Test.  Any student who does successfully complete all exercises or does not pass the riding skills test has additional opportunities to retest; options are based on both the student’s and the Rider Coach’s assessment.
  • Riding Skills Evaluation
    At the end of the riding instruction, the student will go through a series of Riding Skills Evaluation exercises.  The exercises focus on basic skills learned during the class. Students who do not pass may have a retest scheduled after a minimum of 48 hours; any retest must be coordinated with the Site Coordinator.  A maximum of two retest opportunities are allowed.
  • MSF Completion Card
    Upon successful completion of the BRC, the student will receive an MSF Completion Card. This card should be brought along when going to a DMV center, where it will be recognized as proof of successful completion of a BRC1 or BRC2 Licensing Skills course and a waiver for the road skills test portion for the “M” endorsement requirements.

Preparing for the classroom and range sessions…

  • Rest …
    The student should get adequate rest before class, especially when riding on the range.  The weather and session duration can result in increased and unexpected exhaustion, impacting the student’s ability to safely ride.  Being rested will help reduce any negative impacts.
  • Refreshments (Food & Water) …
    The training sessions are lengthy. The student should bring appropriate water and snacks based on needs and weather conditions. It is critical to stay hydrated, especially on hot days.  For a nominal fee, PROMCT may provide bottled water and individually wrapped snacks.

The student is responsible for reviewing and signing any/all required forms and documents to engage in course activities.   If the student does not provide these forms, the student will not be able to participate in the course, resulting in being DROPPED from the class!

Required Forms & Documents:

  • Driver’s License – present to instructor at first activity (A)
  • Copy of Online eCourse Completion certificate (B1)(B2)
  • Required Waivers (A)(U)
  • Riding own motorcycle/scooter:
    • TCLOCS (A)
    • Vehicle Insurance and Registration


  • (A)  All forms for all courses; found here: COURSE FORMS
  • (B1)  BRC1
  • (B2)  BRC2
  • (U)  Underage (<18);  Forms must be notarized or signed by a parent/guardian in the physical presence of the instructor.

Riding gear is extremely important to the student’s safety.  Proper gear must be worn at all times when riding.  If the student is not properly dressed, the student WILL NOT be allowed to participate, resulting in being DROPPED from the class!

  • Helmet *  – Must be DOT approved;  (full-faced or 3/4; 1/2 not allowed)
  • Eye Protection *  – helmet shield, eye glasses, safety goggles;  clear, non-shaded lens recommended
  • Gloves * – full-fingered; no finger or hand skin can show
  • Jacket / Shirt – long sleeves that cover the entire arm
  • Pants – jeans suggested, or other heavyweight material;  no holes or tears … no skin can show
  • Footwear * – sturdy, over-the-ankle boots;  minimal to no heel highly recommended!

Other considerations:

  • Appropriate and layered clothing for changing weather conditions

All riding gear is required in order to participate in a rider course.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these requirements. 

*  PROMCT has helmets, gloves, eye protection and some footwear available, if needed by the student.  Go to the “Gear/Equipment Loan Policy” section for additional information.


All planned activities will start at the designated time!  If the student is late, the student will be DROPPED from the class!  No exceptions. 

The overall success of the course depends on all students doing their part.  This includes BEING ON TIME for the start of any class or range component.  The other students deserve to have their time respected, and the course itself needs to get started on time to limit the impact on the other students’ personal obligations and/or the training site’s business obligations.

Also, and most significantly, students must attend ALL parts of the class, from start to end; once the class starts; rules & regulations prevent late students from joining an already in-progress class.

PROMCT suggests arriving at least 10-15 minutes early for any session … classroom and/or range.  To help plan, the classroom and range addresses and google maps can be found here: MAPS AND LOCATIONS.  It is highly recommended the student print out their path a day or more beforehand so the path is understood and is available in hard-copy, if needed.


It is the goal of PROMCT to provide each student with the best training experience possible, and to that end, each Rider Coach will work with each student based on their needs.  Our goal is to create a low-risk, positive learning space for everyone. Student safety is always our highest priority!

In some situations, a student exhibits riding tendencies that result in an unsafe and risky environment not only to themselves but to the other students.  In such cases, the student can discontinue, or “opt out”, of the course at any time. If the student does not recognize he/she is riding unsafely, the RiderCoach may “counsel out” the student and require the student to end their training.

In either case … opting out or being counseled out … PROMCT will work with the student on next steps.  If the student wishes to “retake” the class, PROMCT will work with the student to determine the best retake option.   Please reference the “Retake Policy”.

There is no refund of any monies if a student opts out or is counseled out.

* Opting out is a highly respected option as it shows the student is self-assessing their riding skills and emotional state.  It is not a failure … it’s possible that this day is “just not the day”, or a break and regrouping is needed.   Students that have opted-out and then returned have historically a high percentage of success.


PROMCT uses various technologies and methods to communicate class information, including:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Text Messages

As part of Student’s registration, Student agrees to allow PROMCT to use of any/all said communication methods to communication to Student.  If Student does not want to receive class-related information by any/all of said communication methods, Student must notify PROMCT of his/her opt-out decision via any of the methods listed above.


It is the responsibility of the student to ensure all contact information is correct on their registration. If incorrectly entered at registration or changed after the registration was submitted, the student must notify PROMCT of the changed contact information.

There are times when PROMCT must contact the student with important class information, updates or changes. PROMCT will make every attempt to contact the student via email & phone listed on the registration form.  If PROMCT is unable to contact the student, PROMCT is not responsible for any outcomes or actions taken by the student based on incorrect or outdated information, nor is the student owed any refunds or financial adjustments as a result of the student not being able to be contacted.


If the student is unsuccessful in passing the course, PROMCT will work with the student to determine next steps.

Next step options depend on the student’s progress in the course.  The Rider Coach and the PROMCT administrator will assess the student’s progress and confer with the student. Ideally this process results in a common understanding of the student’s overall skill progress and the recommended next step(s).  The Rider Coach and site administrator will their assessment objectively and with the best interest of the student in mind.

Retake and retest options include:

  • Skills Test Only ($35)
  • Practice Exercise (#14) + Skills Test ($65)
  • Day 2 Range + Skills Test ($145)
  • Full 2-day range + Skills Test ($285)
  • Discontinue Training (In some cases, the best option is for the student to discontinue class)

* Any range or skills test retake/retest requires a minimum 48-hour gap from the point of the failed test; the classroom portion is not required for the range retest.


If a student does not show without proper and timely notification, the student will be considered a “no show” and DROPPED from the class and will forfeit their spot in the class. Any registration fees are not refundable.

If a unique and/or emergency situation is the cause, this policy may be amended.  Any adjustment is based solely on PROMCT’s assessment of the circumstances; there is no obligation for PROMCT to reinstate the student, allocate a space in a future class, or refund any portion of the registration fees.

If a student is a no-show with proper notice, see the “Cancellation” Policy.


PROMCT understands situations arise that prevent a student from attending their class.  That said, student cancellations have negative consequences for PROMCT.   Registration fees will be refunded per the following schedule depending on when the student cancels based on the student’s course date:

  • >3 weeks:  75% refund (after processing fee*)
  • <3 weeks:  50% refund (after processing fee*)
  • <= 2 weeks:  No Refund

* Processing fee:  $55

Refunds will be processed within seven (7) business days of cancellation. If a credit card was used, that card will be debited.


Rescheduling to another class is permitted if the following criteria are met:

  1. Proper notification* to PROMCT is provided…
    • >= two (2) weeks prior to the student’s first classroom or range activity, OR
    • >= one (1) day prior to the student’s classroom or range activity if there is an “emergency” impacting the student’s ability to attend; PROMCT is the sole decider on whether the student’s situation classifies as an “emergency”, and if requested by PROMCT, the student must provide proof of said emergency.
  2. There is another student on the waiting list willing and able to fill the student’s spot.

If the above are not met or the absence is deemed a “cancellation”, see the “CANCELLATION POLICY” for details.

* “PROPER NOTIFICATION” means timely and appropriate communications to PROMCT.  See “PROPER NOTIFICATION POLICY” for details.


“Proper Notification” means timely, accurate and appropriate communications to PROMCT.  Communication options include:

  • a text message or phone call to PROMCT, with appropriate and relevant details, to the contact phone number found on the “Contact Us” page.
  • If >= two (2) weeks from class, an email is permissible in addition to the prior methods.

PROMCT maintains a Waiting List of students that either: (1) requested a reschedule from their class to a different class that is full, (2) want to take an earlier class if a spot opens up, or (3) that need to retake a portion of the class.   

Because of the nature of how and when spots become available, timing may be very short between when a given spot becomes available and when PROMCT communicates to the students on the waiting list.

When trying to fill an open spot, PROMCT will:

  1. If an immediate response is not required to fill the spot…
    • notify students on the waiting list via text message in date-listed order
    • if no reply after 30 min, contact the next person on the list
    • will repeat the above until a reply is received, regardless of when the replying student was contacted
  2. If an immediate response is required
    • will send a broadcast text to everyone on the waiting list, and the first response will be awarded the open spot

Depending on where the Rider Coach is at the time of the spot becoming available, the above process may be adjusted to account for Rider Coach location and available technology.


PROMCT has the following gear available to the student for loan and/or purchase: *

  • helmets from Med to 2XL ($10 / class)
  • gloves ($10 to buy)
  • safety glasses ($5 / class)
  • limited number and sizes of over-the-ankle boots for both women and men ($10 / class)

* Due to Covid, some equipment is not returnable, and therefore must be purchased. For the loaned items, PROMCT time & costs to sanitize the items after usage.


PROMCT takes every precaution to limit opportunities for Covid exposure.  At each activity, commonly used items are sanitized, and students are spaced out. We also adhere to the CDC’s current guidance to reduce the risk of being exposed to, contracting, and/or spreading COVID-19.  Considerations include:

  • If the student or someone he/she lives with shows symptoms of COVID-19, the student must not attend class. COVID-19 symptoms as defined by the CDC, and include cough, fever, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, congestion, runny nose, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting.
  • If symptomatic, do not come to class.  The Rider Coach and/or instructor will not allow the student to participate. 
  • If non-symptomatic, do not come to class if the student or someone he/she lives with tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 10 days.
  • The student must inform the training site of any situation as soon as possible.
  • If disallowed to participate due to Covid (proof required), PROMCT will work with the student on rescheduling to another class.

Other control measures:

  • Consider wearing a mask when in close quarters; outside on the range, a mask is optional but suggested if not able to social distance
  • Wash hands frequently when possible
  • Use hand sanitizer frequently
  • Maintain an appropriate physical distance
  • Use own personal riding equipment to limit contact to shared equipment

You, the student, have a significant part in everyone staying healthy.  Please take any/all precautions necessary to protect yourself and others.